Eyes Dark Circles And Bags : 10 Easy Tips To Get Rid Of


If you are having some problems with Dark Circles and Bags under eyes, you must remember that you are not the only one. It’s a common phenomenon, which snatches our night’s sleep. The last thing one his 20s or 30s would want is dark circles and bags under their eyes.

Unfortunately, It becomes more common as you age eventually comes with less sleep, stress and workload. Breathe- It doesn’t need any kind of medication. You can easily get rid of dark circles by following these tips I have discovered by the passage of time.


Here Are The 10 Tips On How To Get Rid off Dark Circles And Bags Under Your Eyes-


1. Have A Protein-Based Diet Regime

Protein is the part and parcel of our body functionality. It gives your skin the required amount of strength and elasticity. A Decrease in protein production in our body often leads to bags under our eyes. Having a protein-based diet regularly can make your skin look young, fresh and lightened up. As it helps to remove dead cells and form new skin cells, You will gradually see your dark spots disappearing.


2. Never Consume Too Much Salt

Salts often lead to causing high blood pressure. It is usually formed of Sodium and Chloride, which cause body fluid retention and often end up in bags under eyes. Not only they make you look old, but also you will start feeling uncomfortable going out in public. So, Make sure you take it easy on the salt.


3. Have Regular Physical ExerciseExercise

Having a regular physical exercise will improve your metabolism. Your skin will repair itself more quickly and all these vulnerable positions like the part underneath your eyes will get brighter and make you look younger. You can opt for yoga as a starter.


4. Take Ample Amount of Rest

Most of us have this bad habit of not taking usual amount of rest on a daily basis. You must sleep 8-10 hours for skin to recover from all the stress it takes throughout the day. Make sure you install an app or use a sleep directory to track your sleep. Having a relaxed sleep will improve your skin conditions.


5. Limit Your Alcohol Consumption

Limitless alcoholic consumption not only tells your health but also corrupts your skin too. To prevent your body getting adulterated by alcohol is to take a big step towards a healthier skin.


6. You Must Quit SmokingExercise

Smoking makes you look old and your body vulnerable to various sensitive skin problems. Dirk circles are most common symptoms of a chain smoker. Quitting smoking is the best decision you can take now.


7. Check Your Allergies

Sometimes in rare cases, dark circles are caused by allergies. If you are having a hard time with dark circles or eye bags, It would be more viable to consult a physician and check if you have allergy problems.


8. Consider Buying A Neti Pot

A neti pot is an ancient Indian Nasal treatment system. It is still recommended by experts and has been proved efficient scientifically. Nasal wastes often get stuck and cause dark circles and eye bags. Investing in a Neti pot will be a great profit to you.


9. Frozen Spoon Treatment

Keep two tablespoons in your freezer overnight. Take it out and put them on your eyebags for 30-40 seconds. Then lift off and repeat it for several minutes. You will start getting positive results.


10. Using An Effective Eye CreamEye cream

An effective eye cream abundant with vitamin K and Vitamin B12 is very effective for getting rid of eye bags or dark circles. You can choose among many available in the market. Read the labels for these two vitamins before you buy one.


My name is Halena Martin and I am a former dermatologist. My time, as a dermatologist helped me gained a significant experience and I've decided to share my knowledge with the rest of the people, through this website. I am always open to new suggestions and I answer to all the comments.

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