Beauty Tips For Clear Skin : 10 Amazing Tips To Hold Your Beauty

A clean and clear skin is very important to help reduce acne and acne scars on your face. Fighting existing acne is a lot harder than preventing acne problems, so it’s a must for you to develop a daily skin care regimen to avoid acne breakouts. Your daily regimen does not have to be time consuming or expensive, but it does need to become a daily habit for effectiveness.These beauty tips for clear skin is of that type.


Here are ten Beauty Tips For Clear Skin:

1. Wash Your Face At Least Once A Day

Washing your face at least twice a day is a must. Try to use pure soap as Ivory, and clean water. At first, rinse your face with warm water, then apply a splash of cold water. Warm water opens pores and cold water closes pores and always make sure your skin pores are protected from harmful components of the environment.

2. Make Sure You Don’t Make It Oily

Hairs and hand contain oil that makes your face feel tacky and a bit patchy. These clog pores of your skin. If you must wear makeup, use an applicator. Avoid leaning with your hands on your face either. Keep your hair pulled back off your face.

3. Avoid Chemical Cosmetics

Avoid chemical cosmetics as much as possible. Make sure you are using hypoallergenic products made for sensitive skins. Splash your face with cold water before you apply any cosmetic product and rinse off before you go to sleep.

4. Drink Water Till You Are FullDrink water for Clear Skin

Hydrated skin is equal to a healthy skin. Water detoxifies our bodies and our skin. It washes off elements that make our skin look horrible causing acne or pimples.

5. Consume Enough Vitamins

Include ample amount of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. These foods contain vitamin A & vitamin E,which are of great necessities for skincare.

6. Limit Your Exposure To The Sun

Avoiding the sun altogether is not at all healthy. Just limit the time you remain under the scorching sun. Overexposure to the sun can cause acne, but sun rays produce essential vitamin D in your skin. You can use sunscreens to avoid getting clogged pores.

7. Keep Your Hands Off The Sores
Skin sore

Don’t pick at any sores.This can cause spread acne all over your face. Treat pimples or acne with topical ointments and creams, keeping your hands off them. Always use cotton balls or q-tips for applying creams and ointments on your face.

8. Get Yourself Some Sleep

Get plenty of rest. Our bodies recover the scars when we sleep. Hormones and chemicals are produced and released when we sleep. You need at least eight hours of sleep regularly for a good skin care.

9. Don’t Get Too Stressed

Avoid stress as much as possible. Learn to breathe deeply. Use meditation or any other scientifically approved techniques to reduce stress. Exercising regularly is also beneficial to skin in terms of reducing stress.

10. Take A Day SpaSpa for Clear Skin

Treat yourself to a day spa once in every two or three months. It will relax your skin with ultimate skincare experience.


Try to incorporate these habits into a clean and clear skin. Cause a clear skin is the mother of a good health.


My name is Halena Martin and I am a former dermatologist. My time, as a dermatologist helped me gained a significant experience and I've decided to share my knowledge with the rest of the people, through this website. I am always open to new suggestions and I answer to all the comments.

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