Considering that skin problems are becoming a pressing issue for more and more people, I’ve decided to launch this site. I always wanted to help people with their skin problems, and a centralized website seemed like the best method to do that. I also have a vision about a platform, in which people could share their problems and receive help from other members of the community.

Who Am I?

My name is Halena Martin and I am a former dermatologist. During my career, I had various patients with different skin conditions and I managed to find a treatment for all of them. In this time, I gained a significant experience and I’ve decided to share my knowledge with the rest of the people, through this website. I am always open to new suggestions and I answer to all the comments.

Our mission

Nowadays, a lot of people refuse to see a specialist, when they have a skin problem. Our mission is to provide the necessarily help for their problems and in the same time, encourage them to see a doctor when the situation becomes bad and unmanageable. We also want to transform this website into a skin treatment catalog. We want to have, with the help of our users, an answer for all the common skin conditions. People should just enter here, and they will instantly receive some useful information about their condition.

We need your suggestion?

Even though we have a well structured plan, we are always eager to hear your opinion. We are a young team and we believe in innovation, so any opinion is more than welcomed. If you think that this website should develop some of its other features or that it should be structured in a different way, don’t hesitate to message us. We are considering every single suggestion and if it’s good, we will even apply it.